"Lance believes that everyone has a story to tell, and some thing to offer the world."

Established in the arts field Lance's photography naturally has an artistic flair. His work is often described as

inimitable, with his ability to couple landscape architecture with people, and create aesthetic art.

People photography is dynamic and provides endless creative opportunity. Every life whether real or make

believe tells a story, and Lance's photographs seeks to tell it. From the uncontrollable laugh of a child sharing their

joy, to the tear of a groom awaiting his bride, right through to the model conveying the image of the fashion label,

Lance captures it, all in art form.

Creativity and colour are quintessential of lance's photography. Every photographer is familiar with the rules of

photography, but all precepts have their limitations. Lance's photography seeks to not be constrained by rules of

composition or by what the natural eye sees. Similar to this, whilst he sets out to find engaging colours, he also

creates them with his dexterity in design. With open imagination and colour design, he desires to draw out the

experience of the subject and emotionally engage his viewers.

As an emerging photographer, there have been many photographers he has looked up to, to gain inspiration and

guidance. One photographer in particular who has influenced his art is Carter Smith.

His composition and natural use of lighting creates exceptional photographs. What's more, his photography

intrigues the view to seek out the story behind the subject. His other influences include Steven Meisel, Glen

Luchford, Richard Avedon, Patrick Demarchelier, Lachlan Bailey, Paolo Roversi, and Emmanuel Ferrari.

Quite simply, people are Lance's inspiration. Gregarious in nature, he thrives on engaging with the diversity of

subjects that he has the opportunity to photograph. Lance believes that everyone has a story to tell, and some

thing to offer the world. With multiplicity in experience, personalities and the individual way in which people

perceive the world, coupled with raw environment, inspirations is literally an endless commodity.